I have been a queen standing in the audience. Literally. I decided today to encode the archetype of the queen fully deeply and completely. When I started my energy session it came to me that she was the 7th archetype down. Meaning, we all have archetypes that we have playing out in our subconscious all of the time. Some are more prominent than others. My dominate archetype is Merlin. Through and through and has been for years. That’s why energy work is so easy and second nature to me. I expect miracles all the time. 

So I energetically raised the queen up to second in line as far as dominance goes in my subconscious. And I can FEEL her, she has been activated. Because I can feel her RESONANCE thru my body. I can FEEL her emotions in my body now more deeply. I can feel how she thinks, how she behaves, what she expects, what is normal for her and so forth. And I’ll tell you what… her resonance is diametrically different than the abandoned / orphaned / invisible child archetype that was previously playing out in my subconscious. So now I have brought this archetype up, and thru my body even deeper. Energetically. And now every day I will encode her more and more and more and more until she isn’t even a thought because she is sooooo enmeshed in my consciousness, that I can’t not remember being her. That is how you uplevel you standards. You uplevel your identity. That is how you make it effortless, you uplevel your identity. That is how you create change on a sustainable deep level, you uplevel your identity. That is HOW you don’t have to chant affirmations all day, (although I do like affirmations) or ‘do’ certain things in order to ‘get’ results. You uplelvel your identity. 

Then what you receive is just a matter of course. And its easy and its done. And you know its done before the manifestation even gets into your really physically, because you are that person that will create it. THAT is how you have the courage to do something you haven’t done before. THAT is how you step out of your comfort zone / boring life you have been living and reach for something new and have the courage to do so. You active the version of you inside on a core deep level, for home having that things is already easy. And NORMAL. Then your reality snaps around to create that external result / manifestation for you, because you ARE THE PERSON THAT WOULD RECEIVE THAT. And then you fully understand the ‘I don’t have to do certain things (actions) in order to get a result. Because your RESONANCE on a core level is what bring you your results. 

All sorts of things are shifting and changing for me on a deep level (if you couldn’t tell) and I can feel that my services are going to shift and change around to reflect this new resonance I am coming into. If you have been thinking about working with me and doing Quantum Emotional Clearing or Archetype Energy Work, now is a good time to book either a single session with me or step into my high level 1:1 container. Details are under the work with me tab on my website.

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