How I broke through. 🔥 I share a lot of what is happening with me on the Internet here, and I have even more stories coming shortly. But in the last few months my life as exploded and I’ve broken thru on a lot of levels. 🤩 🤯 And one of the reasons I’ve broken thru so strongly and so easily, is because I am running identities in my subconscious that innately have power. 👑 (Like the queen, the go-to high level energy healer, the wealthy woman etc) were as before I was running identities in my sub that didn’t have power. Like the wounded abandoned child etc. I can’t even tell you how much easier life is now that I am changed these grids / light codes 💫 / computer programs in my sub. All sorts of things are downloaded into my head as to how to create stuff. How to proceed in my business. How to change something in my personal life and these things are coming from my newly encoded identities that are used to ‘having power’. So not having power, like, isn’t a thing for those archetypes, so therefore it’s not a ‘thing’ for me anymore. 


Its kind of like uninstalling a faulty operating software on your computer that has all sorts of limitations and such, and then installing the newest and best operating system 🔥 THAT YOU CHOSE,🔥 that allows you to do all sorts of nifty things the other one didn’t… because the bandwidth is greater. Its fantastic. And it allows you to have access to multi-verses and parallel time lines that you couldn’t even conceive of before. I think that’s the best part! Let me tel you how amazing of a new man I’m going to manifest!!🌹🌹 I am alllll over it!!!! And it’s happening now. I am stirring the waters of the time space continuum to bring him in. Thats how I brought it all my amazing clients! I commanded them in. ✨⚡️🔥 Because really, somewhere deep inside of me there is a Sorcerous. 🧝‍♀️And she always gets what she commands. So I brought her out. I think things are going to be changing a lot faster over here.  

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