When your hearts desires are coming to fruition it feels like….. GRATITUDE! It feels like rainbow bright is all over the place and you feel giddy with excitement! You can almost feel your desire coming to you on the wings of unicorns or something.

But this often one of the last steps. This is often what someone will tell you to do to ‘bring’ something to you. Just feel in gratitude with your desire, and it will show up.

That’s true… BUT what is often NOT talked about is how you get yourself into gratitude. Or even near gratitude.

>>What about when you don’t fully believe the thing???

>>What about when you don’t really get it. And your confused.

>>And you believe its so far form you you’ll never get it and it is just so farrrrrrra away. And ahhhhhh!!!! I want it now and I just cant figure it out.

Often that is what I don’t see others talking about.

All your thoughts and feelings about something are just temporary frequency sets. And you can ALWAYS change frequencies. These are just choices.

>>Your feelings are choices.

>>Your thoughts are choices.

>>You approach or preconception of something is a choice.

You can always move your vibration into more and more of a match to what you want. And it starts by clearing out and reversing what you don’t want. What you think “has” to happen. What you think all the 3D things are that you think need to occur for you to have/get/have access to the thing your desiring.

And then you have to blow those thoughts/preconceived notions out of the water and see them for what they are. Stuff that just isn’t true or valid in the scheme of universal principles and creating whatever it is that you want. And once you have done that, THEN you can start to stir up the cauldron of the co-creative substance of the universe to manifest and bring out of the ether’s your most epic/fun/joyful outcome! You know… the thing you have been desiring and making yourself a match to!



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