Most people when it comes to creating the life they want. (And most 3D people for sure) focus on ‘goals’. They decided that when they get this thing, achieve this thing… that THEN they will be happy / have made it / have the accolades of others and be accepted. 

THIS IS NOT HOW CREATION WORKS if you are a Merlin energy. Or even a spiritual 5D person in general. 

(Do you like pastel colored tarot decks / crystals / yoga / and green drinks? Then you might be my definition of a 5D person.) 

As far as the universe works, it gives you what you are a match to. So to say… it gives you what you already ARE. As a person. On an identity level. 

Said another way… it gives what you feel you deserve you can have. (The primary identities and archetypes you are playing out is determining how much you feel you deserve.) When you are BEING the identities that most bring forth your core essence, then you feel excited about doing ‘something’ and you feel you can ‘do’ said something. And you get excited about said ‘something’ and then your intuition downloads into your head how to do said ‘something. That is how creation works when you are embodying your primary soul identities / archetypes. Things are easy and flowing. 

So… the problem with making goals is that in general… is that ‘goals’ are something your ego decides that you want, because if you get ‘that’ then you will be safe / loved / saved or whatever. The problem with that is that THE PART of you that is deciding these things is deciding them because they DON’T feel safe or loved etc, and it projects out that achieving this ‘thing’ will give them what they don’t have.  

Do you know what parts in the psyche do that? Those that are fragmented out of the body. (I see this in my energy work) and when an aspect of self is fragmented out of the body (due to some trauma, could be mild or severe) it is obvious because that part of you feels like… ‘they don’t have it’ or ‘can’t get it’ or ‘it’s out of reach’ or ‘they’ll never be able to do that’. The feelings circulating thru the body are things like, depression (that can come and go) feeling like you’re in prison, it’s for others but no YOU, (feeling like you’re a small child and don’t have access to things the ’adults’ do) Or even the feeling of or fear that others will thwart your efforts. Powerlessness or hopelessness. These are all signs parts of you are fragmented out. 

So lets break this down…. Goals are something parts of you that feel separate and are fragmented out of the body (aka your ego) projects outside of itself…. that ‘blank’ will make you feel loved / safe etc.

And Soul Desires… are something that is coming from the core essence of you. And you already feel loved / safe etc, BECAUSE YOU’RE IN THE BODY. 

And since you attract what you are… if you have a bunch of aspects of self that are fragmented out of the body then you will be coming from this place energetically of ‘I don’t have that’ which since we live in an attraction based universe it will create ‘I don’t have that’. But if you are coming for your soul led identities / being-ness and you’re integrated and you feel you desire something, you will feel like you already have it, even thought I haven’t appeared physically in your reality yet. And then you will get that, because in an attraction based universe you get what you already are.  

And the last thing I wasn’t to add here is that… The problem with setting goals when you are a 5D spiritual person, is that THEY DON’T WORK, especially if you are a 5D person. I mean sometimes goals work for people. These people are playing life on a 3D level of course, and then when they do in fact achieve said goal they feel empty and sad because REALLY what they were seeking wasn’t the house / the car / the success, it was an aspect of themselves. (Remember the source of the outside desire was from an aspect of self fragmented out of the body.) They were actually looking for themselves. 


Where are you looking for yourself? But looking for it in all the wrong places. Because it’s not in the business success, or the car, or the hot boyfriend, it’s inside of you. You’re never going to find it in the OUT THERE. Because it’s inside of you. And when you integrate the aspects of self back into the body, you no longer feel like you ‘nnnneeeedddddd’ blank in order to be safe/ loved / worthy / saved or whatever. 

This post was brought to you by my subconscious this morning. I woke up with the words in my head and had to leap out of bed to write it! You’re welcome! 

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