Do you know what parts in the psyche do that? Those that are fragmented out of the body. (I see this in my energy work) and when an aspect of self is fragmented out of the body (due to some trauma, could be mild or severe) it is obvious because that part of you feels like… ‘they don’t have it’ or ‘can’t get it’ or ‘it’s out of reach’ or ‘they’ll never be able to do that’. The feelings circulating thru the body are things like, depression (that can come and go) feeling like you’re in prison, it’s for others but no YOU, (feeling like you’re a small child and don’t have access to things the ’adults’ do) Or even the feeling of or fear that others will thwart your efforts. Powerlessness or hopelessness. These are all signs parts of you are fragmented out. 

How to know if you have aspects of self that are fragmented out of the body…


You feel:

I can’t have ‘it’, it’s not available to me. 

I’m not allowed to have ‘it’. 

It’s out of reach and I can’t fathom how ill ever get over ‘there’. 

I’ll never be able to ‘do’ that.


You may also feel:


Trapped like you’re in a prison. 

Its only for other ppl but not you. 

Powerless on some level. 

Like things are hopeless. 

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