I’ve had multiple people reach out about my new program. “Merge With Your Power” wanting to know the difference between doing this with me NOW and doing single sessions instead. And this is my fault, I should have made myself clear.

Deciding to do a single session is choosing a little bit of change. Choosing to step into my 6-week energy container is choosing to step into your power. It’s very different, ENERGETICALLY.🔥🔥🔥

And everything is done on THAT level… no matter what it looks like on the surface. It’s… what is the “energetic intention” below the thing, THAT is what is dictating your results. Because it’s not WHAT you do, it’s the ENERGY you do it with.

If you want a single session thats fine I will book you in for a single session. But let’s be clear here, it’s actually YOU who is determining the level of results you get. IT’S YOU. Because you go first and then Cosmic Forces respond to YOU.

If you just want single sessions, it’s ok, but be clear that you’re going to receive what you put out. When you do a single session you show up with faith and you receive commensurately. When you show up to a 6 week energy container / quantum vortex, you also receive back the level of FAITH / CONVICTION/ AND DECISION, that you showed up with. You see the difference in the energetics here.

I am not trying to come off as judgmental, I just want you to understand the ‘energetics’ behind the different decisions. And it’s ok, I was there at one point, I was miss ‘single session’ girl. It was where I was at that time and it was what I needed. But now I’ve moved to a new level. And I can see how I had dragged out the soul level change I was seeking by monthssss.. by doing that. I would for sure NOT do that again. Now, I would jump right the fu** in… to the deep end, immediately. THAT is why you join a high level program. That is why you get into the energy of an energetic portal like this that I have created in ‘Merge With Your Power”.

Because you’re ready to stop pussy footing around and actually step into the alchemical transformation that is going to happen on a mental, emotional, psychical, and spiritual level. THAT is why you join. Because you can FEEL your soul telling you to do it. Not because you’re hoping to get ‘ x, y, z logical result. (Although you will get results) but you do it because it’s SOUL LED. You do it because you decide to trust your SOUL that this is the DOOR for you. Because the BELL has rung and it’s YOUR NUMBER. And you just KNOW. If you want to join this energetic container because you’re hoping that you’re going to get ‘this’ amount of money or ‘this’ specific thing because ‘then’ you’ll be whole / loved / safe etc. Don’t join my thing. (You will probably get these things because we’re working on identity levels and when you change your soul level identity structures all your sh** you’ve been wanting for years just shows up) However, that is NOT why you join the thing.

You join…. Because when your soul tells you to do something and you do it… THAT is where all your power is. That is where allll yourrrr powerrrr is. It’s in doing what your soul is telling you to do. And an energetic container is large energy session (over 6 weeks) that allows / holds space for massive levels of change. It’s like jumping off the cliff into the new land, and you’re going to fly because you don’t really have any other choice here. You’ve chosen, you’ve decided, and your TAKING OFF.
This program, this energy container, this portal, it’s for those WHO ARE READY TO MERGE WITH THEIR POWER. ALCHEMICALLY. And if that is not you that is ok. But if it is you, why have you not messaged me yet?
We start when you enter the portal. 6 weeks 1:1 you and me of quantum shifting. Access to my calendar, you can book as many energy sessions as you need each week. WhatsApp access so we can converse back and forth. This is unlimited access to me. Unlimited access to your own power. We’re going to go deep. I want you quantum shifting every few days. We have work to do. And in order for me to help you deeply, I know we have to systematically go thru the areas of your life energetically / emotionally and collect up the aspects of self fragmented out. Identity the 1 or 2 archetypes / identities running your life. Eject them. Then bring forth out of your DNA the archetypes / identities that are your soul frequencies. So you change on a core level. Then you’ll be in pretty good shape. And you need to be in an energetic container with me to do this. The energy creates the change. Source energy is self intelligent. It knows what to do. The container will do the work. Are you ready for this journey? Message me Message me on FB or email Support{{AT}}ArwenMcLaughlin.com If this is call is for you.

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