My day so far… 

Wake up, notice energetic black panther is in my room, reminds me today is the day to talk to him. (He initially showed up yesterday when I was reading Sigourney Weldon’s book Levianthan)

Have latte, think about abundance altar. 

Read Dane Tomas’s post over latte. Re-remember energetic black panther. 

Ask what this moment alone is for, receive inspiration to create Quantum💰Money💰Altar. 

I create the altar, choose the crystal, allow the ceremony to perform to come thru. 

I do said ceremony. Energetic black panther is still staring at me. Check. 

Finish activating altar, crystal, and calling in a divine relationship with Quantum 💰 & Abundance. 

Make lunch. Write this post. 

Talking to a client shortly.

Then I’m SURE the energetic panther is going to pounce on me! 

I’m quite sure he is my new offer. 

I’m sure ill let ya’ll know later.😂🤣

And what I do know, is that if your not creating offers shamanically, your missing out!


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