Are you frustrated because you see other people manifesting cool stuff and you don’t know why you can’t seem to figure that out too? You feel like this should be easy, but it’s not?

Are you annoyed because you feel like you get some of it, but not all of it, and if you could just get that one piece then it would be easy for you and you could do it to?

Do you want to actually know that you can choose something and then KNOW that you CAN bring it in… as in “it’s done”, no wondering… “Gee is the Universe going to being me my stuff?”

Do you sometimes feel powerless about your circumstances, like they will never change? And you’ll just never figure it out?

Are you annoyed because your reality doesn’t change THAT much? I mean it changes a little, but you can’t seem to make that big change, or manifest something amazing and ACTUALLY change your circumstances??

Are you frustrated because you see other people manifesting cool stuff and you don’t know why you can’t seem to figure that out too? You feel like this should be easy, but it’s not?

Do you feel like you ‘should’ be at a higher level? You know you’re smarter than some of the people around you, and yet you still can’t seem to manifest what you want? And you’re so frustrated, your like, but why can’t I seem to create that!!

And last but not least, are you tied of not getting your stuff?!

And last but not least, are you tied of not getting your stuff?!

Girlfriend I know how you feel!

I felt the same way. For years. I was constantly trying to find the ‘thing’. The ‘thing’ that would allow me to suddenly be successful, call in whatever I desire and basically have the life I have always wanted, and be able to just CREATE it. And not have things be so hard. And take so freaking long to create.

I was ready to have things start working for me already!

I mean really, had the universe not heard me for all these years???

I had been immersed in law of attraction stuff, and energy work and all sorts of woo woo stuff for over 10 years. I had cleared hundreds of past life stuff, done a bunch of different modalities and so forth. Looking back my thinking at the time was… “If I was just clear, and I just heal all my ‘stuff’ then I will somehow get all my desires as if by magic or something. Now of course I know that’s not how it works. But at the time I didn’t know that!!

I was just so sick and tired of all the things that I really really wanted just alluding me. I believed in the law of attraction, and I manifested some stuff, but I just couldn’t figure out how to get it to work FOR ME. And work for me ALL THE TIME.

Then I just decided, that I was going to get the keys to the kingdom. I was going to figure out how to make my life work. I was going got figure out how to ACTUALLY manifest. And I asked the universe repeatedly every single day for like… 3 months. “Show me how to manifest! Show me how to manifest! Show me how to create things!!” I felt I was good at de-manifesting things, but felt lost in how to actually bring things in.

Then over the next few months, things just started downloading into my head.  All the principles that I had learned over the next few years suddenly made sense. It was like God took all the puzzle pieces and put them tougher for me. And then I suddenly was like…… “OH, I GET IT”.

I suddenly saw all the things I had done and worked, and WHY they had worked. I suddenly saw all the things I had not done and WHY that had worked out the way that it did. My understanding was so deep I even understood how I was a vibrational match to being sick for a few years. (I had all the symptoms of Epstein-Barr for a while, but I’m super healthy now)

And very practical steps on how to change my energy just downloaded into me. How to shift my frequency. How to change my vibrational signature. And stuff just started coming to me. I learned how to decide what I wanted, line up my energy and then no joke the thing would appear.

And the more I applied my manifestation steps the more things clicked. Deeper and deeper and deeper. I just GOT IT. And I had known it all along, I just hadn’t been applying ALL THE PRINCIPLES that I know now. In order and consistently for each of my desires.

I learned the things I was missing. I learned how I was a match to what I was receiving. I learned what I had to do to shift my frequency. Now I understand how I get everything I am getting. And it is so freeing I can’t even tell you!

So I wrote down my manifesting steps and called them “My Merlin Manifesting Steps!” And I kept the sheet of paper in my drawer! I started to use it weekly to take myself thru the process to change my energy. And change my frequency and thus change my reality.


I started manifesting things like never before…

I manifested a car being given to me for free.

I won a wine contest at work (I worked in a fine dining restaurant) and I didn’t even know WHAT THE CONTEST WINES WERE. Seriously. People just sat in my section and ordered some of the 5 contest wines out of a list of 320. (I know there were 320 bottles of wine on the menu because I counted.)

I manifested getting a 2 tables tipping me $500. And another one tipping me $673 (whose bill was $900) after I decided and lined the energy up. Were not even going to mention the extra $100 tips and the extra $20 over 20% that I decided that I wanted at that time.

I brought in more money in week than I had made in my life immediately following doing my manifesting steps on calling in a certain amount of money at work.

Had an $840 Friday night at work which was my best ever after deciding and doing my steps.

I went from completely blocked in my business to being able to sort my energy out, and get clear on who I am at my core, what I have to give to the world and how I want my business to look.

Figured out how to align myself and my body with wellness and de-manifested just about all of my Epstein-Barr symptoms… so today I get up and feel like a normal person with normal energy levels. Which, if you’ve ever had this problem is pretty much a miracle.

Figuring this manifestation stuff out fully was a godsend. And I created this course to duplicate my brain. I had so many people that I knew asking me, how you are manifesting all this crazy stuff! Who did you do that?! And will you teach me! And then I realized, yes this is why I am here on the planet. And it is to teach this stuff. It is to teach manifesting in a clear and understandable way. In a step by step way and to provide deep change and transformation to my student and clients.

I wish someone had explained to the ‘previous me’ all the stuff that I get now… that’s second nature to me now. My life is so drastically different than it was a year ago, I can’t imagine if I had only known this stuff 8 to 10 years ago. I would be LIGHT YEARS from where I am now. But alas, I can make your journey shorter. I can tell you all the thing I have learned and how to shift your energy quickly and how to shift it easily. And how easy it is to co-create with the universe all the stuff of your dreams!

The other thing that happened to me as a result of learning and embodying these my Merlin Manifesting Steps… is I learned to STEP INTO MY CREATOR BRAIN. I learned to step into the part of me that is infinitely powerful and knows how to create and knows how to command the quantum particles of the universe. And has ALWAYS KNOWN THIS. And you know this to. You just haven’t stepped into your CREATOR POWER yet. And this really has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Being in my creator power and NOT in the victim place that I used to be in is priceless. And I’m telling you… it’s not that hard. If I can do it you can do it too. I have helped my friends do it. In fact I made this course because I was so tired of explaining what I was doing to everyone over and over.

You just have to decide. Decide that you’re done being stuck. Decide your done having drama and issues. Choose to step into your power. Choose to step into the version of you that knows all the things you haven’t yet been able to figure out. Choose to be the version of you that knows and understands manifestation and the principles of the universe.

Choose to be in your Creator Power. So I created this whole course from the core of my being from my heart to yours so you can “get-it” and let go of the MF struggle and step into the Merlin part of you. The Creator Part of you. And bring in/magnetize/Be the version of you that already has your stuff!!

Manifest like a Merlin is a 6 module course designed to take you thru a path and show you how to change your energy so you can be a vibrational match to whatever you desire.

Each module is one of my manifesting steps and I go into great detail explaining each one, giving examples and then giving you journaling questions so you can change your energy too. Each module also contains an energy session to allow you to be a vibrational match to your desires even faster.

By going thru how to manifest step by step we are going to fill in all the little gaps and things you may have not understood or missed in the past and we are going to bring in truth and awareness as to how this whole manifesting thing ‘actually works’.

What I am sharing with you has changed my life more than I can even express. I can’t tell you how happy it made me to film it and put it all together for you and I can’t wait for you to go thru it and learn how to make all the shifts and changes that you been longing to make. It really is the best thing ever to actually understand how to manifest something and know that you know on a deep level how to line yourself up with whatever you desire.

What you get in the Manifest Like A Merlin Course

Step One: Clarity and alignment from the heart

>>We’re going to go thru getting clear on what you want and why you want it.

>>Were going to go deep to see the energy behind the energy of the desire.

>>Clarity on why some desires may not have manifested in the past and yet others did.

>>How to make sure that you are bringing forth the right desire and NOT some fluffy desire OR a desire that will look ‘cool’ to other people OR what you ‘think’ you should want.

>>How your egos opinions of your desire and whether or not your ego thinks you can achieve it has nothing to do with whether or not you can manifest it.

>>Clear step by step journaling questions on how I get to the core of my desire in under 5 minutes.

Step Two: The things in your subconscious that need to go

>>Everything (including your fears) is just light and information and light and information can easily be changed. Nothing is permanent/forever/stuck.

>>The perspective an experienced Merlin has when going thru a ‘manifestation/changing the energy of something’ process.

>>My 4 questions to identify the stuff that is holding you back that you don’t see, and is one of the things keeping you in the dark as to why you don’t manifest your desires.

>>You are more powerful than your fears, not your fears are more powerful than you.

>>How to easily and instantly reverse fear/blocked/stuck thoughts/feelings/energy.

>>You are the only person who can give yourself permission

>>My process on how to release what is holding you back. (You can do this anywhere, the power is with in you, NOT in outside stuff.)

>>Why sacrifice is not true and is just something you keep telling yourself/an energy pattern that can easily be changed.

>>How you might be sabotaging your desire from coming to you without realizing it. (again everything that is NOT a match to your desire must go/be transmuted/be let go of etc.)

>>How your Higher Self/God/The Universe fits into this equation.

>>The importance of forgiveness and permission

>>Pro Merlin journaling questions to do this step like a rock star.

Step Three: It’s for my highest and best good to receive my desire

>>Why your subconscious need to think getting your desire is better than not getting it

>>Linking your desires to service

>>Linking your desire to your Higher Self

Step Four: Spiraling the energy up/magnetizing your desire

>>The power is within you… the power is not/never has been outside of you

>>You get to choose your vibrational state always

>>Tapping in/Aligning with all the Divine Forces in The Universe

>>Creator Brain vs. Victim Brain

>>Supercharging your manifestation

>>Being in the ‘energy of’ magnetizes your desire to you thru the ethers.

>>Creating an upward spiral vs a downward spiral

>>Step by step questions that changes your energy so you can go from grumpy to assuming the energy of your desire in 15 minutes.

>>How to assume the energy of your desire multiple times a day to BECOME THE PERSON easily manifests their desires.

>>Tips for flipping back into manifestation flow when you’re in the car or at the store, AKA not sitting around with a pencil and journal or laptop.

Step Five: It’s already done/being the future you right now

>>The role of identity in manifestation

>>How and why it’s critical to energetically merge with the future you that already has your desire.

>>How to guarantee you hit your manifestation easier and faster. (This understanding of energy is how I got in energetic alignment with my business so quickly)

>>How to make embodying the ‘energy of’ your manifestation easy and effortless so you can do it every day.

>>And of course the journaling questions I use to do this easily and quickly!!

Step Six: Follow heart aligned actions (not ego ideas for action)

>>The difference between ego action and heart action >>How to take action/what action to take

>>’Your’ role in manifestation VS ‘The Universes’ role in manifestation

>>All about how ‘the how’ works in manifestation

>>The importance of flow


BONUS # 1- PDF of All 6 Manifestation Steps

PDF of the full Merlin Manifesting Process with all the steps clearly defined and each steps journaling questions so you can keep the paper with you or in your desk as I do, so you can easily refer to it and be the manifesting maven that you are! I zoom thru my blocks and align my energy quickly and energy by using the sheet all the time! Usually a few times a week.

BONUS # 2 – “Being in the Energy Of” Manifestation Hacks

In this video I go over my simple life hacks of how I put manifesting and being/fully merging my Future Self on auto pilot. So far I go over 15 in the video. They are also listed out beneath the video so you can refer back to it for an easy reference.

BONUS # 3 – How to Quantum Leap a Whole Area of Your Life

How to manifest big things in your life and do a complete life overhaul. How I did this for my health, and my business/career, and how I did this for my money situation etc.

BONUS # 4 – What Could be Happening if You Feel Like One Area of Your Life is Held Back

How one area can hold back another area if you’re trying to manifest something large, how that comes thru when you’re doing the steps, and an example of how this showed up for me. This isn’t too common, but I feel it’s important to include. You’ll know when you watch the video if this is important for you.

How the course is delivered

>>The entire course is online.

>>Each module is delivered via a video(s) of me teaching you step by step how to go thru my Merlin Manifesting Process.

>>Each module contains step by step journaling questions. (You will also receive my PDF of the ENTIRE process, but each module does contain the specific questions that pertain to that step.)

>>You will get a downloadable mp3 of each of the videos so you can put them on your iPod or make CD’s if you want to absorb this information more fully.

>>Each module also contains a Quantum Energy Healing Session to help you assimilate the energy on many levels of your being. These sessions are Holographic. That means that each time you go thru the Merlin Manifesting Process you can listen to the Energy Sessions again, and allow your energy to line up for current thing you’re consciously manifesting.

>>You have the course for life and can watch/listen to your hearts content.

>>You will have access to the full course upon enrolling!!

Frequently asked questions

Who is Manifest Like a Merlin For?

This course is for someone who knows in their core that there is something to this manifestation thing, but they just haven’t gotten it yet. It is for the person who wants to go deeper. Who wants to really know and understand and GET fully how to create their reality. And how to shape things. Its for the person who has always known that the universe is vibrational and if you change your vibration then all things outside of you change. It is for the person who knows at their core that they are a Meriln energy and is ready to step more into upgrading their way of thinking and doing life. Its for the person who wants move into a creator brain mindset and stop begin a victim of life from not understanding how to change it.

What can I expect to get out of the course?

You can expect to understand on a fundamental level how your energy is creating what your getting. Once you start to do the journaling work, you’ll no longer wonder why things are going the way that they are going in your life. You’ll know why!!

You can expect to get each step of my manifesting process explained in great detail using everyday language that is not hard to understand. And you’ll realize that you always known these things on some level, but you never PUT IT TOGETHER. In order. In a way that makes since and is usable.

I am NOT going to explain things using a bunch of “law of whatever” and talk about how there are 12 of them…. that your ego brain says you should pay attention to, but your intuitive self doesn’t get and understand. I grouped the steps into things that everyday people get when they hear it. And it was also what downloaded into my head. You will get lots of practical examples.

Your going to understand how to move into and embody the perspective of your future self that already has what you want to manifest… and how to merge with the thoughts, feelings and habits of that version of you.

You are going learn how to see goals in a whole new way. Because you will finally see the difference between ego goals and heart based goals. And you’ll know why some goals work and achieved and some goals are never reached. And you’ll be able to identify this in others as well.

You are going to get LOTS of journaling questions. This is a very hands on course. The way to learn and embody something is to bring it thru the body. And were going to do that with the questions. (and the energy work as well) This is also how you get immense clarity. It is also how you can change your vibration. Easily. And fast. With no fluff!!

The things I go over in this course are all things I learned myself  and that download into my head because I asked the universe to show me the secret to manifesting!! This is not something I took from someone else and then repackaged. In fact most other law of attraction peoples stuff, when I read it, I’m like… “They don’t get it. They haven’t gone deep enough. They don’t have a real and true fundamental understanding.” And occasionally, I’ll see people that get it – and this is few and far between of course – but you can tell the difference between those that ‘get it’ and those that ‘don’t’.

The most important thing I think you can get out of the course (besides of course understanding how to line up your energy so you’re the version of you that has your desire) is that just thru going thru the steps in the course, you’ll become the type of person who approaches things in life from a CREATOR BRAIN PERSPECTIVE… instead of, A VICTIM PERSPECTIVE. You’ll be used to changing your energy and taking command of things, circumstances, thoughts, and habits in your life etc., that it won’t occur to you to wallow around in your problems anymore. in fact it will become hard to be around people who do.

How does the course work?

The entire course is online and lives on the backend of my website. Once your have enrolled in the course you will be automatically emailed a registration email where you will create your password. You will then have complete access to the entire course immediately.

Is there a Facebook Group?

So far this is no FB Group. It doesn’t feel aligned for me right now to have a FB group and I won’t do anything that feels out of alignment so for the time being, there is no FB group.

How long is the course?

The course is 7 modules and has 3 bonus videos. Some modules have multiple videos. There are over 7 and a half hours of video for the regular modules. There are also 6 quantum energy healing videos for each step of the course as well, and these are just under 2 hours all together.  You can listen to a module each day and do the journaling exercise, or binge watch it if you choose! Its up to you. You have lifetime access.  I also made the quantum energy healing modules holographic so you can listen to them multiple times for the different desires you want to bring to life.

What if I sign up for the course and don’t like it? DO you offer refunds?

If you would like a refund you must email me at support{at} and include your journaling answers from Module 1. I have no desire to have anyone in this course that does not want to be in it or doesn’t value the information. I created this course because it was from my soul and I can’t not unleash my art and creativity — not because my primary motivation was to make money. So if you enroll and feel this course is not for you, AND you can show me your Module 1 journaling work, I will refund you no questions asked no problem.

Can you guarantee success?

This course can only guarantee as much manifestation success as your willing to change your vibration. You have to do the work and answer the questions, and change your thoughts, feelings, and vibration. If you don’t do this then no you will not manifest stuff! However I can’t imagine how anyone could possibly do these steps, and answer the journaling questions, and align their vibration and NOT manifest things! This course is meant to change you on a fundamental level to go from someone who is tossed around by life, to someone who is confident and knows how to change their vibration, and raise their state and make their own rules for their life. And of course manifest stuff!

According to my attorney I have to say that I cannot guarantee or warrant results or increased income like how I mentioned earlier on the sales page about the money I manifested.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You can pay in full or pay in 3 equal payments. Either way you get the entire course at once.

Do you have more questions?

You can email me at support{at} and I will get back to you within the next 24-48 hours!

If this is the program for you, you’ll just know. This is an internal thing. A Heart thing.

By enrolling into the course, you are agreeing to Online Course Terms & Conditions.

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