When the work / alchemical change dropped into my body about what needed to happen in order for me to fully release and fully allow my business to prosper, one of the things that came forth was the ‘relationship’ that I was having with my business on a vibrational level. The emotional connection or relationship that you’re having with ‘anything in your life’ is pivotal and leads to the keys of that transformation. Because the emotional relationship to the thing shows you the archetype you’re playing out with the thing. Which shows you the identity set in your subconscious that your playing out with the thing.

When I set the intention to change the relationship dynamic I was playing out with my business it was shown to me very clearly that I was playing out abandoned / wounded child wanting to be rescued. And my business was playing out the ‘role’ of my father. My dominate emotional patterns used to be… I need the business to reduce me. If I just had the business, then I would have money. Which to my sub was love and safety. Your sub is always looking for love and safety. If you don’t have something it’s probably because on some deep level you don’t associate having that as safe. So you’re playing out a pattern with anything in your life, whether it’s your business, or your job, or your partner, or whatever and you feel the feeling in your body of… “I NEED this thing. It HAS to work. If it doesn’t WORK then I’m doomed / I’ll never be able to have what I want etc.”

Then you’re playing in the vibration of ‘lack’. In the vibration of ‘I don’t have it’. And then the universe just responds to that. If you vibrate at ‘I don’t have it’ you just get more ‘I don’t have it’. It’s so simple, and yet we often miss it. It is so normal in our society to loooonnnngggg for things. To wish for them for years. It’s seen as acceptable and then people pat you not the head when you don’t have the thing you want so badly, because they most likely don’t either, because they just don’t know. And I’m here to tell you, things do NOT have play out like that.

The key to changing things is you have to change the emotional patterning in your BODY regarding the thing. And the emotional patterning is generated by certain archetype / identities in the sub as well as aspect of self in the sub. And when you heal them / clear and transmute the stuck energy and then bring in the identities and emotional states that SUPPORT what you want, then attracting the thing is easy. It’s easy because you’re vibrating at ‘I already have it’ NOT ‘I don’t have it and need someone outside of me to deliver it to me’.

Then you’re attracting based on your PRESENCE. You’re attracting based on ‘WHO YOU BE’ not what you ‘DO’. Big difference here. The stuff you’ve already got, you’ve got because you are already the person who would have that. Manifestation on a deep level is about encoding identity states. And different identity states have different levels of being able to receive. They have different levels of worthiness and what they feel they deserve. Their capacity to BE WITH MORE is different. And when you have those different identity states that are in line with your soul pulled into your body, then you start to live out your purpose. Ask me how I know this. If you want to do this type of work with me and wish to know more I have lots of details on my ‘merge with your power’ page under the ‘work with em tab’ on my website. If you feel called message me, and we can get started! 

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