Just because mass consciousness is freaking out doesn’t mean that you need to as well. If you feel panic and anxiety over this whole virus thing, the panic and anxiety was there ‘before’ and mass consciousness is just triggering it with in you. You can energetically ‘unhook’ from the morphic field of mass consciousness and consciously choose to tap back into the infinite stream of well-being with in you and AMPLIFY THAT. And TUNE INTO THAT. And feel, what do I need to focus on right now? How do I need to navigate this right now? What is the best thing for me to do now in this moment, and then be guided?

This is exactly how you make money that defies the odds as well. And draw the best clients to you. And the best men for dates! (Hahaha I’m working on this last one)

You ignore / unhook from the ‘noise’ of everyone else and TUNE INTO YOU. And feel yourself so deeply and feel into your inner guidance regarding what is the right path for you. And then you do that. > You become your own FIELD. Can then people calibrate to YOUR FIELD. NOT you calibrate to theirs. But to do that you have to hold a solid presence. And be so tapped into truth, that people can’t not look. Then you create waves out from you. NOT the waves of mass consciousness / your sister / brother / friend from high school send waves out that throw you off.

Become the force.

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