This post is purely about remembering the magic inside of you.


Have you seen thru the mountain yet?

Did you set yourself free???

From the thing that you’ve been looking at and seeing as the REASON that you can’t have what you want?


The REASON that your not where you want to be now?

The outside circumstances that you subscribe to on a daily basis and think about all the time as the REASON that no you can’t have that yet? You cant be there yet? You can’t possibly have that much love…

That much joy…

That much connection…

And that much ease…

I mean… who has that??!!!!


You DO.

You get to have all that you dream of.

You get to have everything work out effortlessly and joyful for you.

You get to have SOUL alignment ALL THE TIME.


But you have to claim it.

And you have to state it as true NOW.

And you can’t keep listening to your internal fear. And the dialog that goes on in your head about all the obstacles. Did you realize they’re not real yet?


Did you realize that there is nothing between you and what your want except that you think there is something between you and what you want? Have you followed your soul today? Have you turned off your fear brain and told it to go take a hike yet?


Have you allowed yourself to indulge today?

Indulge in what you soul is calling you to do?

Indulge in all the feelings and all the layers inside of you?

Have you allowed yourself to connect to another person today?

To really feel your feelings?


Have you talked on the phone with your best friend toady about how to plug up a flue in a fireplace and how foam may or may not work and how bubble wrap and cardboard might be the answer?

Because its those little moments that you’ll remember. The ones that were random. That made no sense and where you got nothing done but soul connection.


The times you lost yourself in doing something you love.

The time you found your dog in the neighbors pool and loved your dog even more because you didn’t like your neighbor that much… and your glad your stinky dog took a bath in it.


That’s is the stuff your life is made out of.

And thinking about your problems and how REAL they are, and how TALL the ‘mountain’ is that you need to scale, will just keep you looking at the mountain.



Remember truth.


There is no mountain.


If you thought your mountain was a bunch of baloney what would you be thinking right now?

What would your dominate belief structure be?

What would you be doing from soul ailment???

What would you be doing from the place of FUN?


Because that is where all the ‘mountain shrinking’ magic is.

It’s where its always been.

And you’ve ALWAYS been able to shrink the mountain.

You’ve always been able to make it into an ant hill.



You have always had the power to do that.

But you’ll do it when your ready.

When you can’t stand being in pain anymore.

When your done with the struggle and you ready to just go to “this is done”.

And you have always had that power

Have you activated your power today????






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