The Archetype of The Mystic Playing out in my Subconscious

The Archetype of The Mystic Playing out in my Subconscious

The archetype of the mystic. The mystic is an identity that you can have running in your subconscious that will put cosmic / spiritual things first. And evvvveeeerrrryyyything else is second. This is only a problem if you want to have a family. Or want to have a biz. Or want to have anything that does not fit that archetypes agenda. So the mystic is an archetype that is ‘married to god’ so to speak. Subsets of this archetype are priests/ priestess / monk / nun / and maybe even the hermit.
So I removed this archetype from my subconscious in early January because I realized that this ‘computer program’ in consciousness, this archetype / IDENTITY was self-sabotaging my life. Because what was happening was I was trying to ‘figure out’ my emotional sh**. Trying to ‘understand’ this or that, or why that happened, and trying to understand it on a spiritual level. And the problem with this is it was keeping me trapped in a self-perpetuating cycle of tying to ‘to heal’ and ‘figure’ things out. And I noticed that this was always forefront my consciousness, even if it was running in the background, because I DO have a very full life.
But even though I have lots of time with friends, the occasional date over here, and (used to) a part-time job, and doing sessions part-time, none of that was ever FIRST. My inner mystics focus was always first. And as soon as I saw that psychological pattern running I realized it had to go obviously! Because I am never going to create a family or a business to the degree I desire if I am running an archetype that is MARRIED TO GOD / SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES. Because then that would always come FIRST. And I don’t want that to come first because that does not go along with my value set on a core soul essence level.
What I deeply desire is to keep doing the work I’m passionate about in my business that I find fun and exciting and up-lifting. And also to have a soulmate partner that is perfectly compatible with me and so much fun and just the most wonderful lover. But I’m not going to create that if I have this inner identity running always putting god/ spiritual principles / and using that to fix stuff inside of me.
So I deleted that pattern. I energetically reached in and quantumly deleted that pattern / computer program / psychological pattern / identity set / whatever you want to call it out of my spine. When I work on the identity level that is where I see these patterns located, and they sort of reach out through someones’ energy field like a net. Your DNA energetically contains everything that you need. All sorts of information is located in there and when I do this work, it almost looks to me like…. Identity sets being switched off are sort of like genes being switched off. And just like how you switch them off you can switch them on as well. But you can bring in other archetypes to the forefront of your consciousness that you desire and encode them into your personality.
You can also bring them in… in their most whole and true from. And again I see them as located in the DNA of the spinal column. You just energetically bring them out and ground them through the body. I don’t know how to explain this by typing. But anyways, working in this ways is very powerful. Because now that it’s been a few months since I ‘extracted’ the morphic field / energetic pattering of the mystic I have noticed how much more emotional intimacy and closeness that I feel with my friends. This other areas of my life feel more balanced and more nourishing than ever before. I noticed a shift as soon as I deleted the mystic, but really now that is been some months I feel like I can feel the full expanse of the change. I feel very free of the pattern and quite frankly I wanted to write something about it today before I forgot all about it. Because when something is energetically done, you can’t even remember what the problem was in the first place, or hat you had a problem. And its at that point now, so I figured I better write about it now!
But anyways, if you want to delete identity sets in your subconscious / integrate aspects of self you can book a session with me. Its quantum and there is no space and time, so we can do this distance healing over the phone. All that’s needed is that you KNOW inside of you, ‘oh yeah that’s me I need to do this’. On my website my Quantum Emotional Clearing page under the work with me tab talks more about the emotional clearing component. When you book a session with me we are going to do whatever the energy tells me to do, which maybe expend beyond emotional clearing and archetype identity deleting. Know that the session is an hour which is a good amount of time to change one subject drastically or identity pattern playing out in your life. If you have multiple imbalances, and you can feel you have multiple identity aspects that need to be quantumly deleted rearranged or some trauma that needs to be healing / integrated then working with me in a high level 1:1 way may be better for you. It’s whatever intuitively know is best for you. How you can work with me is always on the Work With Me tab on my website. Ok, I’ll talk to you all later and I’ll be writing more about identities in the subconscious soon.

The emotional issue you’re having is mirrored in your childhood somewhere.

Client story (talked about with permission) So today in session I had someone come in, and she was confused about her pricing and her services a little bit. She was looking for clarity around what she wanted to charge and couldn’t decide on a number. So we energetically went into the patterns in her psyche and discovered that when she thought about posting her work on FB she felt one way about it and when she felt into posting her work on Instagram, she felt differently about it. Each group on social media she had… felt different, and thus… HER RESPONSE TO EACH GROUP was different. . So the group energy was DICTATING how she showed up. This is the same as you showing up differently based on WHO IS IN THE ROOM. It’s the pattern of changing yourself to be socially acceptable / included / wanted etc, in order to be safe & accepted, or in her case to ‘receive’.

She was subconsciously reading the group energy and then showing up and feeling her prices needed to be ‘X’ based on what she thought the group would ‘accept’ and she was confused around her offers, because she was changing her ‘offers’ based on what she felt the group would want. (So basically she does not know who she is, it’s who can I be in order to be loved) She was NOT making her decisions based on HER ENERGY. But based not theirs. So she was partially getting / deriving her value and worth from OTHERS, not from SELF. Her sense of what she could receive was based on ‘getting others’ to give to her, and how could she change herself to make that happen. It was NOT based on the intrinsic foundation that she is loved just because… and she deserves to receive just because.

So we moved a little deeper and as a child she was constant trying to figure out how to ‘acceptable’ to her mother in order for her mother to take care of her / get her needs met and not be ignored. And by needs, were talking about base level needs here. She never felt that she could receive just because. She felt she even needed to be ‘good’ in order to get fed. So were talking survival level needs here. This creates a pattern in the subconscious of I am too safe to be myself. I have to change myself to get my needs met. I have to change myself to receive. And you can’t even remember who you are!

Deep patterns like this that happen when your little if not resolved then create the pattern were as an adult you do these weird things, or get confused about things that you know shouldn’t be that hard. And you look around you and they’re not that hard for other people. But then your like, why is this so hard for me? And I find in my work it’s usually because of some patterns like this. But when the root core pattern is brought to the light it’s actually very simple. I’m sure from reading this you can just see how this pattern isn’t that hard to understand when seen at its core level.

And also a pattern like this, of not owning self all the way, and owning your value / worth / boundaries, would create a situation where people perceive that they can ‘move your boundaries’. So, that can look like friends / family members / clients asking you to sacrifice / change yourself / schedule / move your life around to accommodate them. And they do this because they can perceive that your on some level ‘ok’ or available for that. And so they do.

This can also cause people to question you / challenge your authority about things that another part of you feels they shouldn’t. And you may even be confused as to why people treat you this way. And it’s because they sense they can, so they do. They sense they can… because on some deep level you don’t feel like you deserve to have boundaries / or be who you are / or have your needs met. A lot of this has to do with running a care taker or people pleaser archetype. Which most of us all do, until we don’t, because these archetypes can be removed from the subconscious. (Ask me how I know this) and then you stop paying out the roles / emotional patterns / behavior patterns that create patterns like this. 

The Dark Goddess

I have been mulling lately on these deeper aspects of self that are showing up in my psyche. And I can feel that my own dark goddess is starting to make herself more and more known lately. That part of me that fully shows up in the darkness. That sees it all. That knows all the patterns and can trace all the deep energy lines.

It’s that part of me that shows up sometimes, but really I keep her in the shadows. She doesn’t fully show up in my life. She is in the fringes of my consciousness. But every time I really need her she is always there for me. Always showing up and clearing or nixing whatever needs to be done in my life. But she gets almost no credit. Even though she helps me immensely. She is the part of me that is not socially acceptable the part of me that has not been front and center and showed up fully within my body. But I can feel her. I can feel her full essence. She is showing up more and more each day. I am letting her in more and more each day. I can see deep level pattern in myself and in the people that show up in my email for sessions. She shows up and shows me the energy patterns that are underlying in peoples consciousness. She takes the surface level problems that people are having in their life and brings up the core root cause of said pattern. She sees patterns across areas of life and traces the energy for me. And I can see it. So clearly. Like never before. And it’s amazing.

Some things I want sorted out in my life, are actually so easy when you look at it on the base level. On the level, beneath the level, beneath the level. And they’re solved just like that. She shows up in session all the time, but doesn’t show up much on FB. And maybe that needs to change. Because truth be told. I actually really like the darkness. It feels like truth to me. It feels real. I see through all the bullshit projections that people make and create and project. And even my fiends, when they have something they don’t want to see themselves, they will literally hide from me. And I know it, because they know I’ll see it, and they don’t want to see it themselves, so they will subconsciously hide from me. It’s a little amusing. But they’re my friends of course so let them have their space. But I can feel her, she’s going to come out in full force soon, and step more into the light.


Alright guys, if you’ve followed me for a while you know I am way more into energy work than journaling from the ego. I like journaling, but it is only ONE thing that I’ll sometimes do. But with clients I pretty much only exclusively do energy work, because if you’re on the phone with me then were doing deep level stuff. But anyways, there is a journaling prompt I do use sometimes and it is VERY EFFECTIVE for me. It’s effective partially because of my INTENTION. My intention is NOT to pussy foot around with stuff and ‘solve’ problems, or to ‘wallow’ in any sort of way. I like to connect in and do the most effective thing and then move on to doing the thing / being the person. So that being said, if you have ANYTHING ON YOUR MIND right now that needs sorting… ask this question.


That’s it. That’s the question. You could even ask yourself a further question… IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I AM IN DENIAL ABOUT ON THIS SUBJECT? And then see what comes up. Because what you don’t want to see, what you are repressing and dancing around is where the gold is.

When I’m doing an energy session and I’m watching a movie in my mind of the archetypes and inner sub-conscious landscapes that are presenting themselves to me, and I see a dark crack, or a gaping black hole, I always go in there and see what information is in there. Because that is where all the gold / change / transformation / epic change is. Don’t be afraid to go into the darkness. It hard to accomplish anything by staying in these realms of fluffy light all of the time.


Then you just do that! I have solved many a problem this way and quickly moved on. I think it’s so effective because I am unwilling to argue / resonate with problems for a long period of time. If smoothing comes up that needs to be resolved I am 100% asking myself how do I resolve this right now and never look at it again. Because letting problems hang around creates energy leaks. And too many energy leaks and it’s like death by a 1000 cuts. Don’t do that. Be unwilling to let problems hang around. Delete them. Tell them they have to be out by today or you’re evicting them!

Be the force

Just because mass consciousness is freaking out doesn’t mean that you need to as well. If you feel panic and anxiety over this whole virus thing, the panic and anxiety was there ‘before’ and mass consciousness is just triggering it with in you. You can energetically ‘unhook’ from the morphic field of mass consciousness and consciously choose to tap back into the infinite stream of well-being with in you and AMPLIFY THAT. And TUNE INTO THAT. And feel, what do I need to focus on right now? How do I need to navigate this right now? What is the best thing for me to do now in this moment, and then be guided?

This is exactly how you make money that defies the odds as well. And draw the best clients to you. And the best men for dates! (Hahaha I’m working on this last one)

You ignore / unhook from the ‘noise’ of everyone else and TUNE INTO YOU. And feel yourself so deeply and feel into your inner guidance regarding what is the right path for you. And then you do that. > You become your own FIELD. Can then people calibrate to YOUR FIELD. NOT you calibrate to theirs. But to do that you have to hold a solid presence. And be so tapped into truth, that people can’t not look. Then you create waves out from you. NOT the waves of mass consciousness / your sister / brother / friend from high school send waves out that throw you off.

Become the force.

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