Are you operating in 5D time space? Are you stepping into the version of you that knows how quantum physics works? Are you being that person? Where is your Merlin self? Where is the part of you that always knew how reality worked? And knew how to create and had no doubt? And knew with conviction and certainty that she could create whatever she wanted?
Where did she go?
Did you lose her along the way listening to all the others that adamantly believe and think that you ‘have to do things to get things’?
That you have to follow the rules set down by others so that you can get a particular ‘result’ and that if you don’t… then you’ll never get ‘it’?
When did you think the 😂 rules 😂were valid?
When did you say no to your soul and yes to those rules set down by all the muggles.
When did you forget that it is not what you are doing… but what TIME SPACE you are doing it from?
I sat down today, and part of me wanted to write you a message… And part of me didn’t want to! My muggle brain was insisting that my words wouldn’t make a difference. That no one would read them, and they weren’t that good anyways! And no one would be interested in my message, my stuff, my readings, my courses. Because they won’t be entered in me.
But then like the Merlin I am! I stopped and asked, what is actually true? What is actually true in ultimate reality? Becasue clearly these doubts of the ego are lies all day long!!
And what came to me is that, all my fears of:
– my message not being heard and it not being worthy, and nobody caring, and it not making a difference, and people not being interested in my heart and what I have to give… and the basic fear of… what if my daily messages don’t move the needle in what I am trying to create and what if it ends up being all for naught?
And then I remembered….
It is not what I am doing that is creating the results I desire. It is the whether or not I am operating in 3D time space or in 5D time space.
Because someone operating in 5D time space where all the miracles are and all the fun and joy is, is going to create and bring forth the magic in their heart no matter what the action is. The action is just the funnel for the magic.
What you are doing in your everyday life is just the funnel for the magic to come thru. Operating from 5D time space is what is going to move the needle. NOT what you are doing. Post or don’t post. But if you post, do it from 5D time space.
I already know this from when I do quantum energy healing sessions. It is not what I am doing… it is where I am doing it from that creates worlds and changes things. All creation begins on the quantum level. Thats where the magic is and has always been.
So I can post and be a 3D square and nothing will happen. Or I can post and be a 5D circle and miracles will happen! That is the difference.
What is your choice today? Circle or square. Because I’m choosing sparkly circle!

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